You need to register in order to:
  • access the receiver list,
  • publish your own public receiver to the list.
Please read the FAQ for more information.
Note: We do not store plaintext passwords on the server. We store salted password hashes.


What is a callsign and how do I get one?

An amateur radio callsign is issued by the appropriate authority in your country (e.g. FCC in the US). The amateur radio callsign allows you to both transmit and receive with amateur radio equipment, and you need to pass an exam to get one. (If you are not familiar with this, please search Google about amateur radio.)

Can I access the receiver list if I do not have a callsign?


Why do I need a callsign to access the receiver list?

The purpose of the site is to serve amateur radio. I decided to restrict access to the receiver list in order to protect the site and its purpose in the long term.

Can I use the receivers for commercial monitoring purposes?

No, you cannot. This is an amateur radio site.
(If you want to set up your own fleet of receivers for automatic monitoring, contact us by e-mail.)

Can I use the receivers for goverment/military purposes?

No, this is strictly prohibited. This site is for amateur radio.

If I'm setting up an OpenWebRX server for my own private use, do I need to register?

No. You need to register only if you want to list it on this website.

How do I get an API key for OpenWebRX?

If you register here as an amateur radio operator, you can find it under your account information after logging in.